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Coming January 2020

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The novel is told in two distinct voices; Caroline Webb came of age in the 1950's while my other main character, Sarah Bilyk, was born in 1958. I wanted to tell a story about older women and the relationships they nurture while exploring themes of mother-daughter bonds and motherhood. To honour my Ukrainian heritage, I wrote about an old faith-healing technique known as wax reading. I have always been fascinated by the process and the remarkable stories of healing. I also wanted to include a mystery to keep my readers turning the page, thus the character of willful, prideful, Becca Webb was born.

I hope my readers love my characters and the simple, yet rich lives they lead. I want you to fall in love along with Caroline and Sarah, feeling their heartaches and joys. Visually, I want my readers to experience the prairie skies and lush Manitoba parkland. In the end, the novel is a story of motherhood and an inter-generational love between friends that proves not all mother-daughter bonds are biological.

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